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Discover the ideal spa pool model for you with our step-by-step guide. No matter what portable spa or swim spa model you select, you’ll be able to count on the promise of quality and customer service to provide the Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience™

Discover the Difference

Better Performance

Enhanced performance and innovative Smart Features

Better Water

Cleaner water made easy with exclusive water care filtration systems

Better Massages

Designed for the ultimate massage experience

Sapphire and Billabong Spa’s Collection

myWorkout SERIES

Do you keep buying gym memberships but never making it to the gym? Well, bring the gym to you with our myWorkoutSERIES.


The myIndulgeSERIES of swim spas have been designed with parents in mind, double recliners at one end with an open pool area at the other.

myWatersedge SERIES

the myWatersedgeSERIES enables you to teach your kids to swim comfortably at home rather than swimming lessons at your local pool.


Uninterrupted seating for all your friends; time for me, time for us.

The Amazon

The perfect swim spa for the whole family. The spa can be heated at one end to relax with some Hydrotherapy, and the pool can bet set at the perfect temperature for swimming and training.

Real People, Real Stories

Haydn Allbutt

Just brought a house with a pool. I have never had a pool before so didn't know what I was doing. Pool turned a murky green within a week of me owning it. I was having trouble getting advice for how to fix my green pool at another place so came here. The guy I spoke to explained what I needed to do and how to monitor the chemistry of my pool. He was very patient which helped as I was very confused. This shop has got themselves a new customer.

Megan Benjamin

After spending months in search of finding the perfect spa for my home i was coming to the conclusion i wouldn’t find as i couldn’t find any to suit my home. A friend suggested The Spa Market, upon entering i was greeted by a lovely woman named Daisy, she was polite and had excellent customer service, she was also very considerate and helpful on finding a spa that suited my needs. During the first 10 minutes upon entering Daisy showed me a range of spas until i found the right one. I will recommend this place to all my friends 10/10.

Sharon Lenon

I could never imagine the help these guys could give. I needed a new spa, it wasn’t about the money. It was all about getting the best result for my house.Thank you Jackson I couldn’t ask for anything more!


    Energy Saving

    One of the very few spa companies that comply with the strictest energy commission in the world

    Warranty & Safety

    Unconditional spa warranties and stringent safety certifications ensure peace of mind, guaranteed

    Luxurious Spa Water

    Best water possible, less effort with no-bypass filtration system and easy salt water care

    Delivery & Install

    Our experienced professionals will manage your spa installation process from start to finish

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